Now Have The Advantage
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Pitch that script, project or idea without actually being there. From anywhere at anytime... get your creative efforts in front of those who matter. Don't wait for that meeting to happen... make it happen; send them your video pitch.
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In today's environment... for anyone looking for any kind of work, the traditional method is no longer good enough. You have to use every tool/advantage available. Broadcast your value and get that employer's immediate attention with your qualifications on video. Let the first thing that they see is you.
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This is a FREE and easy service made available to you. Don't just rely on your resume... impress with a video that articulates your enthusiasm and passion. If submitted to them, employers would much rather watch a video of you versus a resume or photo. In today's environment you need every advantage possible. Consider a video an introduction.... that vanishes after 7 days... so no worries of it being, out there...