Welcome to TalentAction.com

Welcome to TalentAction.com. The Internet based talent and resource center for the entertainment industry.

Where the process of the in-person meeting can now be done by way of this site. Whatever you're seeking, at any level. From entry level to award winning to executives... can be found right here within this entertainment community.

TalentAction will put the entertainment industry in front of you, and you in front of the entertainment industry, without leaving from in front of your screen. You now have on-line audition, pitch, interview and advertisement capabilities at your fingertips.

Founded on the principle of eliminating barriers within the industry. With TalentAction, a digital video recording device and the Internet, boundaries no longer exist. TalentAction.com is the next best thing to being there; for you.

Since its inception in May of 2006, TalentAction plans to evolve as the most trusted online talent and resource center for the industry; creating a new way of making it... providing all a more efficient way of achieving it within a high quality envionment.

Making it simpler is what we strive for, providing quality satisfaction is what we stand by.

Assurance from an entity that earns and respects your loyalty.

Thank you.